Our systems structuring approach is materialized in a cloud computing platform. It helps to manage transformation cycles in an agile and intuitive manner. It is configured to enable global system validation at increasing levels of completeness.  As such, it creates adequate conditions for an introductory experience as well as to support more advanced levels of maturity as organizational learning consolidates. It is a pathway for the adoption of a superior paradigm in the creation of high performance enterprises. Welcome to PENSO®!

Engineering Successful Infrastructure Systems

Engeflux collaborates with Project Performance International (PPI) to offer a five-day immersion course in the successful engineering of infrastructure that delivers maximum value to stakeholders. The course is based on systems thinking, here applied to projects and engineering. And so, the course has a strong systems engineering foundation. Systems engineering as a discipline has been proven to substantially reduce costs, reduce project durations and increase client satisfaction. More details and registration are available at:


Transformatec® is an intense closed-loop learning program in the state of the art of foundations and techniques for systems structuring. It is a rich and instrumentalized experience through which real transformation capability is built. It helps leaders to define the strategic direction of their enterprise and to establish high quality technological means to control its day-to-day execution during its entire life-cycle.

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